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Applied Science & Humanities

Department of Physics

Department profile
The good knowledge of Physics is mandartory to understand the mechanism of engineering subjects. The department is well equipped to provide the quality education to the students along with sound experimental skin. The department encourages the student and helps them in taking the innovative projects specially in the fields of semiconductor physics and optical fiber communication.


The Department has well equipped Physics Laboratory with all latest type of instruments for B.Tech first year students. The Department has also amorphous Semiconductor laboratory for the Research and development with the facility of making, characterizing and measuring the characteristics of samples in high vacuum.


Department of Chemistry

The place of Chemistry in the academic programmes of the institution offered at present is that of a basic subject knowledge of, which is essential for understanding the physic-chemical processes and the chemical nature of materials, used in engineering and technology. The present course is offered in the first two semester with provision for laboratory experiments based on Analytical Chemistry and applied Chemistry.


Chemistry laboratory with all sophisticated equipments(Spectrophotometer, pH meter, Electronic balance, Muffle furnace, Colorimeter, Polarimeter etc)

Department of Applied Mathematics

The Department of Applied Mathematics, the basic necessity of all branches of engineering has highly dedicated, experienced and efficient faculty members. The Department is focused to cater the need of teaching Engineering Mathematics, Statistics, Operation Research to various courses affiliated to G.B. Technical University, Lucknow.


The Department encourages its faculty to attend Conferences/ Seminars/ Symposiums/ Orientation Programs to acquire high teaching standards. Most of the Faculty Members of the Department are involved in research in various branches of Applied Mathematics including Mathematical Modeling, Reliability Engineering, Epidemiology, Module Theory and Cryptography. Their work is published in well known journals and presented in various National/International Conferences in India and abroad.


Department of Humanities

The Department of Humanities offers teaching of Professional Communication and Management related subjects for all courses being conducted at Apollo institute of technology, Kanpur. The Department has the primary mandate of quality teaching, enhancing students learning ability, development of personality with a thrust on communication skills and humanitarian values of life.


Language Lab for teaching English language and professional Communication skills.